JANQWZ is a firm focused on delivering unrivaled value to our clients while consistently redefining the recruiting market space. We are devoted to people development, empowerment and growth through which we deliver value with quantifiable impact on business results.

We have an outstanding team of professionals who work closely with clients to assure an effective linkage between their business strategies, organizational design, human capability, revenue growth, financial performance and ultimately marketplace success.

As a people development and training organization, we are committed to helping professionals and organizations develop through our highly specialized Project Management and Human Resource trainings. Our array of seasoned and certified tutors and resource persons offer a unique bouquet of valuable services to each of our clients. As a value-adding organization, we provide resources to our clients that enhance each participant’s individual effectiveness and their organization’s productivity.

We leverage on IT (Information Technology) and value-creating services in Human Resources Development and Training with a view to providing advanced client-specific solutions. Using our extensive nationwide service network and platforms, we afford ourselves the opportunity to “make it happen” for our clients in a safe and professional manner.