At JANQWZ, we appreciate the challenges involved in running a successful business.  Managing cash flow, keeping suppliers and customers happy, meeting governance requirements, dealing with staff, product development – the list goes on and the demands and decisions are continuous and stressful.

Indeed, many businesses will become financially distressed over this and may be forced to consider formal business rescue proceedings, while others will be required to restructure in order to survive in a new economic reality.

Our company provides formal business rescue services as well as business turnaround solutions. Our services are based on the following core capabilities:


Establishing your vision for the future and creating a strategy for how to achieve it.  An effective strategy will include the where you want to be in the future (mission, vision, values), the what you want to achieve (goals, objectives) and the how you are going to get there (strategic plans, outcomes and actions), and should always include a mechanism for measuring progress along the way.

Strategy Formulation

Facilitation of the strategy formulation process within your company with the aim of achieving maximum buy-in from management and staff. Through a series of workshops, the process is consultative and inclusive and once complete will cascade down to all parts of the business so as to ensure that everyone in the organization is heading in the same direction

Strategic Review

Identification of the risks and issues facing a business with a corresponding set of options and recommendations on how to resolve them.  This process will require a detailed understanding of your existing company strategies and will typically include both an internal and external review of the business.  Options and recommendations will be aligned to strategy and the prevailing strengths of the business.

Decision Support

Every business is faced with decisions on a daily basis, some of which are more important (or strategic), than others.  Decision support refers to specific focused engagements that zoom in on a particular issue or opportunity and provide a clear and concise appraisal of the situation so that managers are empowered to make good decisions.  At JANQWZ, we are well equipped to provide support systems that aids better decision making.